Mrauk U

In 1431, King Min Saw Mon established Mrauk U as the capital of the last unified Arakanese Kingdom. An important trading port with links to Portugal, the Netherlands, Arabia, Persia and India, the city eventually reached a size of 120,000 in the mid sixteenth century.The city offers the visitor many chances to study the cultural and a proud heritage handed down to the present day Rakhine generation by their forefathers. Mrauk U can rightfully be claimed as the “Open-air Museum” of the arts and culture of the people of Rakhine. About one and half hours by air from Yangon to Sittwe and from there you can take 3-hour boat ride to Mrauk U. It was found in A.D 1430 by King Min Saw Mon. Being an ancient city of Rakhain Kingdom with several architectural remains of its glorious past, Mrauk U is on tis way to becoming one of the major archaeological and historical sites in Myanmar. Within the city wall, every field and hills are dotted with Buddha images, temples and pagoda which were constructed with cemented stones and sand stones. Some of them still remain in good condition. Places worth visiting are Shitthaung Temple, Koethaung Temple, AndawThein, Lay Myat Nar, Satkyar Muni, Monastery.