Chin State

Chin State is located at the western part of Myanmar bordering with India. Mountainous region, which hills are higher and slop more the Shan hills. Chin is one of the National races of Myanmar. Chin has several minorities and differs as Northern Chin and Southern Chin. Not only because of these ethnic minorities Chin hill is an interesting tourist site because of its adventurous journey and Mount Victoria, 3053 meter high at the southern part. Besides mountaineering this is the best place for hiking to nearby villages to see the village life and bird watching. There still can be seen Chin ladies with tattooed face.Of the small towns in chin state, Kanpalat and Mindut are now visited by tourists for its picturesque beautiful scenery and fine weather. Hunting being one of the Chin national pastimes, you can see various head bones of animals proudly hanged at walls of their house. Their primitive weapon is the bow. In chin this weapon is universal, being used both in fighting and hunting such larger animals.