Bago Region

Bago Region is an administrative region of Myanmar, located in the southern central part of the country. It is bordered by Magway Region and Mandalay Region to the north; Kayin State, Mon State and the Gulf of Martaban to the east; Yangon Region to the south and Ayeyarwady Region and Rakhine State to the west. Bago alone the way from Yangon to Kyaikhtiyo.
According to legend, two Mon princes from Thaton founded the city of Bago in 573 AD. They saw a female goose standing on the back of a male goose on an island in a huge lake. Believing this was an auspicious omen, the princes built a city called Hanthawady on the edge of the lake.
From 1369-1539, Hanthawady was the capital of the Hanthawaddy Kingdom, which covered all of what is now lower Burma. The area came under Burman control again in 1539, when it was annexed by King Tabinshwehti of Kingdom of Taungoo. The kings of Taungoo made Bago their royal capital from 1539–1599, and used it as a base for their repeated invasions of Siam.
Shwe Maw Daw Pagoda, Shwe Thalyaung Pagoda, Hinnthagone Pagoda, Kyakhat Wine Monastery, Cheroot Making Factory, Moe Yin Gyi lake and Kanbawzathadi Palace were the interesting places around Bago Region.